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Where to buy a hot tub in Dallas?

Where to buy a hot tub in Dallas?

When it comes to buying a new hot tub in Dallas, there are several key factors on which shoppers should be informed. Luxury backyards are a dime a dozen in the Dallas area, with swimming pools and outdoor living spaces prominent in many of the homes in the DFW area. Hot Tubs have become a popular component in the layout of these backyard oases in the north Texas region. When shopping for a hot tub, consumers are bombarded with an array of options ranging from authorized brick and mortar dealers to online only “wholesale” outlets and traveling roadshow type events. In this brief post, I’m going to discuss a few of the most popular options presented to Dallas hot tub shoppers when looking to purchase the portable spa for their home.

Dallas Hot Tub Dealers

Authorized dealers are the most popular outlet utilized by Dallas hot tub shoppers. There are numerous benefits to shopping for your hot tub at an authorized dealer. In addition to being able to see, touch, feel, and test your potential hot tub purchase; most authorized dealers have educated sales associates along with an experienced service department to handle any issues that might arise. Most of the major national hot tub brands such as Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Marquis, Bullfrog, and Caldera Spas have authorized dealers located in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas to represent their brands. Taylor Landscape Company’s affiliate, Southern Leisure Spas & Patio, is an authorized Dallas hot tub dealer for Bullfrog Spas and Marquis Spas. Their showroom with over 20 hot tubs is located in Flower Mound, just 2 miles west of I-35E on FM 407.

Dallas hot tub showroom

Online Hot Tub Stores

One hot tub sales channel that is growing in popularity is e-commerce. Online hot tub “wholesalers” have been bombarding the internet with heavily discounted models for the past few years. Most of the brands featured for purchase online do not have dealers to support service work or replacement parts. Although the seller’s website may promise a parts and labor warranty on the hot tub, many customer’s of these websites have encountered difficulty when trying to find anyone to perform repair or service work. Several of these online hot tub retailers have also been known to “inflate” the specifications on some of the models displayed on their website; classifying air blower outlets as “jets”. While online hot tub “wholesalers” may provide shoppers with the opportunity to save a few thousand dollars on the initial purchase of a spa, be sure to conduct thorough research and find out who will perform warranty work as well as delivery and set up before committing to an online hot tub purchase.

Traveling Road Shows

Road shows, home and garden shows, and state fairs all fall into this category. These events are often promoted as having the best deals on hot tubs. This is occasionally true, but oftentimes prices are marked up above normal showroom price in order to allow “show specials” or “deep discounts”. Many of the brands sold at these events are recognized national hot tub brands with adequate service support any warranty issues that might arise. There are a few brands known to market their spas heavily through these traveling road shows and home shows, only to leave customers with no warranty labor support or even parts support to take care of their newly purchased hot tub. When shopping at events like this, be sure to ask plenty of questions about the manufacturer’s warranty and who will complete the service work if needed.

Hot Tub

No matter where you end up shopping for your hot tub; be sure that you will receive warranty support, have access to replacement parts, and have all your questions answered before you commit to the purchase. These guidelines are meant to make your Dallas hot tub shopping experience a pleasant one!

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