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Sheridan Cruz
Sheridan Cruz
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We had Taylor Landscaping do our personal swimming pool and it has been truly amazing. The whole work staff are very professional and they all worked so hard so we could have our pool installed for the summer months. We also have a home buidling company named Elegancia Homes LLC here in Abilene and we refer all of our custom homes to Brad Taylor to install the pools. Thank you Brad and staff you did a wonderful job.
J Sanders
J Sanders
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Brad Taylor is the kind of man and business owner who stands behind his work long after the sale. Brad came to my home after hours to match a pool tile for me 7 years after he installed my pool, the same day I called. Thanks Brad
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
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Taylor landscaping created a beautiful pool and landscaping of our dreams.
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They build the most fabulous outdoor kitchen for us. Everything was done very professionally and everything was done to what we wanted. Brad worked with me on the price and the payments and he also worked with me on what we wanted. If he thought that what I wanted could be done in a different manner and save us money he told me so. Will continue to hire them on jobs that I have.

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Are you tired of searching for the perfect pool contractor in Abilene? At Taylor Landscape Company, we understand that finding the right company to build your pool can be an overwhelming and strenuous process. That’s why we make an effort to educate our potential clients on the important aspects of swimming pool design and construction. We believe that as one of the leading pool builders in our service area, it’s our responsibility to educate pool and spa shoppers on the most important purchase points when selecting a pool builder Abilene to design and build your pool or spa. There are thirteen essential steps to our pool design and construction process.

Step 1

Initial Consultation – The first step in the pool design and construction process is the initial consultation. Taylor Landscape Company offers free in-home consultation for all of our design and construction services. At this point in the process, one of our experienced design professionals will come to your home and perform a site assessment before sitting down and discussing your swimming pool needs and wants. Our design team will prioritize your pool design “wish list” with your project budget and make any necessary adjustments to stay within budget.

Step 2

Design & Planning – The design and planning phase is one of the most exciting parts of the pool design and construction process. Our design professionals will take your site assessment along with your pool design wish list and put together a swimming pool and/or spa design to meet your requirements. Our award-winning pool designs are full of unique features and special effects that are guaranteed to impress. Our design team will present the proposed pool design to you before moving into the contract phase.

Step 3

Contract Signing – This step in the process is precisely what it sounds like. A member of our sales team will present you with a contract containing all of the agreed-upon terms for the project. Any concerns about the agreement can be discussed and adjusted if necessary, before the signing of the contract.

Step 4

Site Layout – After the contract has been signed, our design team will begin the construction process. At this point, the site will be marked with flags and spray paint to reference where the pool, spa, water features, or any other special effects will be built. Our team will also perform any additional site prep that is necessary for the excavation process. Our design experts will review the marked site layout with you to make sure that it matches your understanding of the contract agreement. If you have any changes to make to the project, now is the time to do it!

Pool Builders Abilene

Step 5

Excavation – Once the site is marked correctly and prepped, the hole takes place. This is where you will start to see the construction of your new swimming pool or spa take off! Our team will excavate the site to design specifications using a backhoe or other necessary machinery.

Step 6

Steel, Plumbing, and Electrical – Once the pool area has been fully excavated, our team begins placing steel rebar on a 10” x 10” grid-like pattern throughout the entire shell area. After the steel has been placed, all of the in-ground plumbing for the pool is installed. Our team puts the newly installed plumbing through pressure testing to check for any leaks. Once the shell’s plumbing is installed and tested, electrical work takes place. During the electrical phase, our team installs light niche and rough electrical while making sure to perform proper bonding to comply with national code. All metal within 5 feet of the water’s edge is required to be bonded.

Step 7

Gunite Shell – The gunite process is where our clients will start to see their pool take shape. Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand, and water applied through a pressure hose, producing a dense, hard layer of concrete used in building swimming pools and spas. Our build crew shoots the gunite and then inspects it shortly after to ensure proper compaction and curing of the material. The gunite process is what gives the pool superior strength and durability to a lifetime. Proper gunite application is essential to the integrity of the pool. If you do not use Taylor Landscape Company to build your pool or spa, make sure that the gunite process is properly monitored to ensure maximum compaction.

Step 8

Tile & Coping – Our experienced team of stonemasons installs your choice of tile and coping materials to perfection. This step in the process requires an enormous amount of attention to detail to ensure every piece of coping, tile, and stone is laid and secured properly. Rushing this step can often cause structural issues resulting in deterioration of tile and coping elements.

Step 9

Water Feature and specialty effects construction – Waterfalls and other specialty effects like fountains, deck jets, sheer descents, bubblers, diving rocks, and slides are installed and constructed to add that high-end custom feel that many clients enjoy in their pool design. This step often involves a collaboration of designers and stonemasons to craft our unique custom-designed water features to perfection.

Step 10

Set equipment and electrical trim out – Pool equipment (pumps, filters, heaters, etc.) is set in place and hooked up to the in-ground plumbing. The pool is now nearing the final stages of construction. Licensed electricians will schedule an appointment to gain access to your main electrical panel. They will wire the lighting and filtration systems to your home’s electrical service. The city and electrical codes determine electrical service re-routes and panel upgrades.

Pool builder Abilene

Step 11

Install decking – At Taylor Landscape Company, we believe that decking is one of the most important parts to achieving a true “custom pool” look. Our design and build team has the capabilities to do a wide variety of deck styles using a multitude of materials. During the deck installation phase, our build crew will prep the area by laying down base material and building forms if necessary. If the deck is paver or flagstone, our stonemasons will craft the hardscape material to fit the size and shape of the deck.

Step 12

Plaster/interior finish – A 1/2” thick layer of plaster or other finishing material is applied to the surface of the gunite shell. This is a very fast and challenging step in the process. The plaster is blown onto the gunite and then quickly smoothed by a crew of our build team to ensure an elegant and flawless finish product. The interior finish color that you choose will give the water in your new pool a unique color effect.

Step 13

Fill & Adjust water quality – Once the plaster dries, it’s time to fill the pool! The plaster will continue its curing process underwater for the next 7-10 days, and the pool should not be drained for at least 30 days. It is crucial that the owner properly maintains the fresh plaster. The pool should be brushed two times a day for ten days. This will remove all plaster dust from sticking to the surface and will help smooth out the surface completely. For quartz and pebble tech finishes, there is a 5-day acid curing and brush time. Once the pool is filled and ready for swimming, a representative from Taylor Landscape Company, the best Abilene landscaping design, and sales team will cover the necessities of pool ownership.

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