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Gas Fire Pits vs Wood Fire Pits – Pros and Cons

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Gas Fire Pits or Wood Fire Pits ?

Fire pits have become a very common design and entertainment feature in backyard environments around the world. There’s just something about being able to sit around a warm, beautiful fire and socialize with friends and family. With that being said, backyard enthusiasts are faced with a choice when it comes to planning for the addition of a fire feature to their outdoor living space. I believe that both gas fire pits and wood fire pits have their place in outdoor entertainment, but finding the right one to fit your desires and needs is a necessity when planning the design of your outdoor living space.

Gas fire pits have rapidly climbed in popularity over the past decade due to their easy and clean operation. No longer do you have to search for dry wood or mess with gasoline, diesel or lighter fluid to get the fire going. Open up the gas valve, light and you are ready for an evening of hassle-free entertainment with virtually no clean-up necessary. Outdoor entertainment doesn’t get much easier than gas fire pits! Now you might be asking, “what’s the catch?”. If cheap is what you are after, a gas fire pit might not be for you. Typically gas fire pits require a larger initial investment due to the building materials, components, and labor necessary to properly construct a quality entertainment piece. For an easy plug-n-play gas fire pit option, check out Designing Fire or Outdoor Greatroom Company. Taylor Landscape Company is an authorized dealer for both of these brands of pre-fabricated gas fire pits. Contact us for specials on our gas fire pits!

Gas Fire Pits

Gas Fire Pit


  • Quick and Easy Start-up and Shut Down
  • Clean Burning
  • Prettier Flame
  • No Blowing of Smoke
  • No Odor Left on Clothes from Smoke
  • No Clean Up!


  • Increased Risk of Danger due to Malfunction of Gas
  • Most Costly than the Average Wood Fire Pit
  • Smaller Fires

Wood fire pits have been a classic centerpiece in American’s backyards for over a century. Wood fire pits normally provide larger fires than gas fire pits, but can be more time consuming to prep and start. The affordability of a wood burning fire pit is what makes it so appealing to outdoor enthusiasts throughout North America. Minimal start-up cost and the enhanced ambiance provided by a wood fire pit make it the regular choice for backyard entertainers on a budget. Check out Pavestone for some really cool wood fire pit kits!

Wood Fire Pits


  • Budget Friendly
  • Simple to Operate
  • Larger Fires
  • The Smell and Sound of Burning Wood
  • Interactive


  • Time Consuming to Gather Wood, Build, and Start Fire
  • Clean-up of Ashes After Fire
  • Blowing Smoke can Cause Discomfort
  • Smell of Smoke Sticks to Clothing
  • Must be Actively MonitoredWood Fire Pit

Whether your choice of fire pit is gas or wood, one thing is for certain; fire pits create an exciting centerpiece for your outdoor living space. We hope that our review of the pros and cons of gas and wood fire pits has been beneficial in making your decision of which type of fire pit is the right choice for you and your outdoor living space.

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